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I hired attorney Sherry Ivey Jones based on several recommendations I received from other clients of hers. She is very experienced and from the moment I met with her I felt comfortable and somewhat relieved regarding my case. Every time I contacted Ms. Jones, she answered all my questions and did so in a timely manner. She didn’t just tell me what I wanted to hear, she was honest with me and told me the possible outcomes of my case. In the courtroom, Ms. Jones is punctual, well known and respected by everyone. She was a force to be reckoned with when dealing with the opposing attorney, and she was able to reach an agreement for me that was way above and beyond my hopes for the outcome of my case. Ms. Jones is passionate about what she does and will not settle for anything less than her clients’ best interest. From the bottom of my heart, I am grateful to attorney Sherry Ivey Jones, and I highly recommend her.

— CA


It is with great pleasure that Sherry Ivey Jones represented me during this especially trying time. The state of Florida tried to suspend my driver’s license and my CDL due to an accident in September 2010. The charges filed against me included DUI with Serious Bodily Harm. I did have a passenger, my wife. However, due to the accident, neither of us remembers anything prior to the event. We do know it was uncharacteristic of us to be out at that time of day and for me to be legally intoxicated. Sherry Jones was able to provide enough doubt to the DMV to fully reinstate all my driving privileges.

Sherry Jones has been outstanding during this time. She provided me with every detail, from the booking to the reinstatement. There has not been a single instance that I was not informed of, or how to handle it. I read the testimonials prior to calling. It is why I called. It has been an honor and a pleasure being represented by Sherry Ivey Jones during this ordeal. Thank you.

— BW & SW


Sherry Jones was very knowledgeable and handled my son’s misdemeanor battery case with confidence and expertise. In addition to the alleged victim’s statements, the police had a video of my son admitting to forcing her out of his car. The video also showed my son sitting on top of the alleged victim (and not allowing her to move) as the police vehicle pulled up to the scene.

Although the alleged victim was a female, Ms. Jones listened to our statements and immediately understood that my son was actually the victim in this case. She clearly explained what the prosecution would have to prove and that my son’s defense would be self-defense and preventing further property damage (the alleged victim had punched my son in the face, and had also smeared lipstick all over the seats of his new car).

Ms. Jones gave us a list of what evidence we would need to provide, and also suggested some witnesses we might wish to have testify. She also patiently listened to all of my “Law and Order” legal mumbo-jumbo and judiciously advised us on what evidence was relevant and what was not (which ultimately saved me a lot of time and money on subpoenas, etc).

My son was offered a plea bargain up-front, but Ms. Jones advised us to decline this initial offer, since she was sure that we would either get a better offer or win the case at trial. Judging by the discovery evidence that was exchanged between our lawyer and the prosecutor, it became increasingly obvious that Ms. Jones was compiling a much stronger case than the prosecution had.

Ms. Jones held several private conferences with the prosecutor, insisting that he drop the case. She explained our defense strategy, and gave examples of the many discrepancies in the alleged victim’s statements. However, on the weekend prior to jury selection, the prosecution offered a very tempting plea bargain offer. We knew my son was innocent, but we still wanted to avoid jail time.

Ms. Jones was very confident that she had prepared a winning case, so we declined the offer, or as the prosecutor later stated, we “called his bluff.” Finally, on the day of jury selection, the prosecutor decided not to prosecute, and the case was dismissed. Bravo and many thanks to Sherry Jones!

— CR


Miss Sherry Ivey Jones has been such a pleasure to work with. I had contacted multiple lawyers and explained my situation (violation of probation) and each one, except for Miss Jones, wanted me to come in person during office hours before giving me any quotes or advice. Miss Jones always got back to me in a timely manner and was very patient and willing to work with my hectic schedule. Throughout probation, I’ve been talked down to and treated like a criminal but Miss Jones was a breath of fresh air and treated me with respect and showed kindness and empathy.

I was planning on moving across country but my violation of probation was going to put me back in jail and prevent any moving. Not only did Miss Jones keep me out of jail but she made sure I’d still be able to move and she even went above and beyond and got me off of probation early (and I didn’t even ask her to do that)! I am 100% satisfied and pleased with her work and I highly recommend her as a lawyer.

— AB

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